How To Paint Metal Folding Chairs

Most of us remember or still have metal folding chairs. These chairs are strong and seem to last forever, however the longer they are around the rustier they can look until your embarrassed to have anyone sit on them.
If you own metal folding chairs and the metal begin to rust, or you just want spruce them up…  Their are so many beautiful colors of spray paint available to do just that!  This is an easy project with no special tools or materials. If your chairs have padded seats or backs, cover the padding with plastic and tape it around the edges of the pad before you start. Remove the plastic or rubber caps covering the bottoms of the chair legs. Next, lightly sand the chair by hand with fine-grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge. Sand any rusted spots until the rust is gone and you can see the bare metal in thosePaint for Chairs_6e0677bf66b2d8a333b4d49fbe8f2d81 spots. Next, have a clean cloth available to wipe the chair and remove dust – or – you may choose to vacuum to pick-up dust from the hinges and small areas.



Select the area you will use to paint the chairs, if possible outside or a well vented area. Prepare area with drop cloth or newspapers to cover the floor of area to be used. It is important to use eye protection, chemical-resistant gloves and a dust mask to cover your mouth and nose.
Unfold the chair, and lay the chair on its side on top of the drop cloth or newspapers. The underside of the chair should be accessible.

Next, shake a can of rust-proof spray paint primer for metal objects. Spray the underside of the chair with primer using quick, light, overlapping, back-and-forth strokes, keeping the can approximately 2 feet from the chair to prevent drips and runs. Let the underside of the chair dry to the touch. Set the chair upright on top of the newspaper or drop cloth. Spray the remainder of the chair with primer, working from the bottom of the legs to the top of the chair. As before, use quick, light, overlapping, back-and-forth strokes. Let the primed chair dry as long as the primer manufacturer recommends, or until the primer feels dry to the touch. In humid weather, primer may need 24 hours to fully dry. Turn the chair on its side as you did before priming the underside.folding chair covered seat f6a0a302a45b5b4a07780cfbfd29223e
Shake-up a can of rust-proof spray paint for metal, and spray the underside of the chair with the same quick, light motion as you did with the primer. After the paint is dry, turn the chair upright on its legs and spray the remainder of the chair. Let it dry and then lightly sand the chair with a fine-grit sandpaper. Use a tack cloth to remove dust. Repeat the painting process to apply two or three coats of paint to gain full paint coverage.
Wait until the paint has dried at least 48 hours before removing the masking tape, reattaching the leg caps and refolding the chair for storage.
More ideas, remove the seat cover and back, find a fabric you like, to add a classic look to your chair. Create decorative designs by painting the chair one color, then spraying it again with stencils. Stencils can be prefabricated plastic stencils from a craft store, a piece of lace or sticker shapes that you spray over and then remove.


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