How To Make A Life Size Reindeer From Tree Branches and Scrapes

Creative Reindeer for the Front Yard…
Using scraps of wood from a cut tree created an amazing Reindeer to top off a beautifully decorated front yard for the holidays.
Recently, my Son (Austin) and his beautiful new bride (Sarah) purchased their first home. Their home sets on a moderately sized wooded lot in a nice community. They both work full time, are very talented, and enjoy creating and making just about anything!
It’s a hobby they have enjoyed together since first meeting in college at West Virginia University. We share this common past time, however, they are far more skilled in their craft.
Most of our conversations is around what project they are working on or thinking about. Sarah has a library of fun ideas to create, just their style! Our method most frequent form of communication is by way of text messaging, we often share pictures of current projects in the works or ones in the planning stage!
Last week, to my surprise, I received pictures of their latest creation. With great excitement and pride this project just had to be shared with my favorite DIY group of friends.

During a conversation with the proud couple, they explained how this idea took life!
While cleaning up around their new home they came across branches of all sizes from trees that had been cut down. Sarah loves to keep up with creative projects and ideas, she discovered a picture of reindeer’s made by using the tree trunk and its branches.  After sharing the idea with Austin ~ the project began!

selecting pieces to form the reindeer's body

selecting pieces to form the reindeer’s body

 First, they started with selecting just the right pieces of

wood for the body, legs, neck, face, tail, and antlers for
their reindeer. The legs were attached by drilling several
small holes, next using a saw to prepare the notch out area,
just the right size to insert each leg.

Angle cut piece of wood for the tail

Angle cut piece of wood for the tail

To ensure the legs would stay in place, 2 1/2 inch sheetrock screws were used to provide stability. Each part of the reindeer was carefully selected and assembled to create the frame of the reindeer’s body, neck, and head.

The tail and ears for the reindeer required an angled cut, to give them a life like affect!

Next, the head of the reindeer was carved to form the face and using black paint
designed the big round eyes.
Sarah made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to find just the right
materials needed for the perfect holiday finish; two bells and
red ribbon for a festive decoration to go on the reindeer.
The couple stated, most of the materials for the project were on hand around the
house. The total project time was about three hours and the total cost of the project $11.00.
Great way to have fun and save money!
After the holidays the reindeer can be easily taken apart and stored for next year. The couple have plans to research a product to treat the reindeer to help preserve the wood. They will be able to enjoy their first reindeer for years to come and possible increase the herd!!!

carving the face - adding the antlers.

carving the face – adding the antlers.


reindeer with ears added

reindeer with ears added

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