Energy Saving Ideas For Your Home

Looking to save money on your energy bill?

Here are some great ways to help you out. Electricity is an energy source everyone needs and uses daily! There are many household items that use and depends on electricity. In today’s world it is becoming more important each day to conserve energy and by doing so you will save money. The cost of electricity and household items usage of this energy is a greater need today than in years past.

So, where do we start?

It’s best to start by understanding and researching information on this topic, today’s technology makes this process a lot easier!

After searching around, I found many important strategies and actions we can take to conserve and reduce the monthly costs of electricity! By implementing these tips and actions we can realize exactly where in the home some changes need to be made to support the efforts of conserving energy and saving a few dollars per monthly.

Let’s get started with some of the high energy burners, and learn some helpful hints to become more energy efficient.

Use energy efficient appliances

One simple and constructive method of saving money over monthly energy bills is to purchase appliances with the label of energy efficient. These are the appliances that will take up only a fraction of energy as compared to appliances without this label. Today you can buy energy efficient appliances, light bulbs, televisions and many more such products for the home.

Switch off appliance when not in use

In order to save on your electric bill, another important step everyone can do is to, turn off the appliances when they are not being utilized. We all know large appliances will use higher amounts of energy! However, many people do not realize that small appliances/products can consume a lot of energy. Items such as fans and lights left on even when not needed uses energy. Other items burning electricity and should be unplugged after charging include: computers, televisions, media devices, cell phones, and media smart strips.

Remember after charging a cell phone and other media devices, turn OFF the power strip or unplug the equipment from the power source. You will be saving money, conserving energy, and ensuring your safety and others in your home!

Ask everyone in the household to be part of the solution to conserve and save money by simply “flip the switch” when leaving a room and/or unplug chargers to cell phones, media equipment and turn off power strips.

Awe… save & safe… what can be better…

Utilize various alternatives

Try using other methods on occasion, to reduce energy cost. Some ideas; air dry clothes, rather than using the dryer, open the curtains in a room to maximize daylight to reduce using lights, and take showers instead of baths.

Of course you will still need to use appliances, however, cutting back to conserve and turning off the appliance when finished will support your goal to save. Also recommended was to use an appliance such as oven, dryer, and appliance that generate more heat and usage during a time of the day when you could maximize the benefits. An example was drying clothes in the evening, during the colder months, will allow the extra heat to assist in warming the home.

Other energy saving strategies

Have your home assessed by a contractor experience in energy efficient homes or energy professional to review your home for leaks around doors, windows, and other areas allowing air into home. After identifying problem areas plan out how best to address each item on the list, some maybe more costly than others which would be a budget impact.

Small leaks can be address by the use of caulking or other sealant available at local home improvement stores and fixing these leaks will go a long way in saving big dollars on your monthly bill.

Make sure the contractor checks all plumbing lines, electric wires, recessed lighting, windows, crawlspaces, attics, and basements.

The most recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report showed savings up to $220 per year on an average household when addressing these home issues.

When was the last time you had your heating and air-conditioning unit (HVAC) checked or serviced?

Well, it may be time for an HVAC tune-up or replacement to a more efficient unit. Proper maintenance of the HVAC unit will support the efficiency and cost saving you desire.

Check all lighting in your home. Replace your light bulbs with LEDs bulbs. These bulbs have fewer issues than CFLs (namely, no mercury), and although expensive are coming down in price. Savings reported by the EPA: $75 per year by replacing the five (5) most frequently-used bulbs with Energy Star-rated models.

Reduce the temperature on the water heater. It is recommended to set the water heater to 120 degrees and NOT the 140 degrees most are set to out of the box. Dropping just 20 degrees could save as much as 6% to 10% on the annual costs. Also wrap an older water heater and the hot water pipes in insulated materials to save on heat loss.

Add additional insulation to areas in your home identified through the inspection will also be of great benefit to the energy efficiency of your home.

Contact your utility about rebates for investing in improvements or visit DSIRE – – a database for federal, state, local, and utility rebates for each state. Energy Star- – also has a rebate finder and discounts available.

Why not have fun with this activity

Hold a family meeting. Ask everyone to write down some ways to save electricity in the home. Ask everyone to share their list and combine into one list – it would be fun to learn what ideas they have, then ask them for solutions or things they could do to conserve electricity. Make a list of these ideas and strategies and see if they are willing to try them out. Next, pull out the monthly electric bill, maybe have more than one month, this would be a fun way to track the information (some bills will have actual usage one month and estimated usage the next month – make sure to understand your billing statements) as the family begins to implement these strategies continue to review with them monthly and track the progress. Celebrate your success together! Family game night or favorite activity together!

Have some fun, conserve energy, and save!

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