Easy to make Christmas Wreath

This year it was time to get creative and make a Christmas wreath for the front door. After searching through numerous ideas of different types of wreaths, the final decision was a wreath made of ordainment’s! There are bright, colorful, and cheerful…. Just the theme I was looking for, in storage we had a good supply of ordainment’s in different colors, sizes, styles, and textures.
Next, gather all supplies. This project is cost effective, all that’s needed is glue gun, gun sticks, ordainment’s, and material for the frame. For the fame there are some choices; foam, wire, or grape vine. Our choice for the anchor frame was wire.
Start with taking all the hanger pieces off the ornaments. Then, glue the biggest ornaments on first in an even pattern around the wire wreath. Select ornaments one size smaller to glue on next. By now the wreath is beginning to fill in, continue to glue on smaller ornaments, and have fun mixing up the colors and textures.
To finish up, use the smallest ornaments to fill in the spaces remaining. Not all the balls are connected to the frame of the wreath, just glue one ornament on to one another. Let the glue dry, check to make sure all ornaments are secured.
Depending on the size of the wreath plan to have available 50 to 100 ornaments, and remember there is no right or wrong way ~ have fun and make it your own!!!

The wreath below was made using a foam base.

Wreath made using a foam frame

Wreath made using a foam frame







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