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Household Cleaning Tips:  How to Clean Glass Shower Doors  

Every so often a cleaning tip will grab my attention and I just have to DIY – give it a try!

My challenge this time was cleaning the soap build-up off the glass shower doors. The tip for cleaning this build-up off the doors stated to use a Bounce dryer sheet or suggested to use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

If you have glass shower doors, you understand the challenge. There are many products that will clean off the build-up, so don’t get me wrong. My challenge was to find something to clean off the build-up and would help to prolong the build-up of soap scum. 

As you can tell, this glass had some build-up, the cloudy doors needed to go away!

Glass doors - Before

Glass doors – Before

Let’s get started, first using a Bounce dryer sheet.  Make sure the doors are wet before starting then using a dryer sheet began wiping the glass on the doors.

Amazingly, the dryer sheets made  suds and the abrasiveness of the sheets allowed for the suds to cut through the build-up. Rinsed  off the suds and left a nice clean door!

Hey not bad!

Next up Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Again the glass doors must be wet, then use one Mr. Clean Eraser and begin to wipe down the glass doors. For me using the Mr. Clean Eraser was harder, as a little more muscle was needed to power through the build-up on the glass.  At times the sponge would move across the glass, then would stick, almost like hitting a bump. Not bad, however, just not as easy to use as the dryer sheet.  The erasers path made streaks on the glass doors – at first. Then with a little more muscle and scrubbing the Mr. Clean Eraser left a clear clean door.

The WINNER for me was Bounce!
The reasons I choose Bounce Dyer Sheets as the Winner, the sheets were: easy to use, took less time, less muscle power, one dryer sheet will go a long way, left a nice clean door, and fresh cent.

Glass doors - After

Glass doors – After

Oh, it’s been two weeks and the glass is just starting to look cloudy. Big improvement!

Mr. Clean Eraser’s – also work well. However, for the price of the erasers, my preference is to use them on my walls. Mr. Clean is a Winner for the walls!

Hope you enjoyed this cleaning tip and will be sharing more tips each week!
Don’t be Perfect ~ Just be AWESOME! pj

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