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DIY – Household Cleaning Tips

Household Cleaning Tips:  How to Clean Glass Shower Doors   Every so often a cleaning tip will grab my attention and I just have to DIY – give it a try! My challenge this time was cleaning the soap build-up off the glass shower doors. The tip for cleaning this build-up off the doors stated […]

How to Re-Cover a Chair Cushion

Easy tips for DIY – how to re-cover a chair cushion. For this project we will need just a few tools; a screwdriver, staple gun and 5/16 staples, pliers, and your new fabric. The first step is to remove the chair cushion from the chair frame. Turn the chair over and you’ll see four screws […]

Easy to make Christmas Wreath

This year it was time to get creative and make a Christmas wreath for the front door. After searching through numerous ideas of different types of wreaths, the final decision was a wreath made of ordainment’s! There are bright, colorful, and cheerful…. Just the theme I was looking for, in storage we had a good […]

How To Paint Metal Folding Chairs

Most of us remember or still have metal folding chairs. These chairs are strong and seem to last forever, however the longer they are around the rustier they can look until your embarrassed to have anyone sit on them. If you own metal folding chairs and the metal begin to rust, or you just want […]

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