About Me

Hello everyone & Welcome to Love2DIY.net –
My name is Pam and this is my new website – www.Love2DIY.net
I am excited to be learning and sharing information through this connection, I have some experience with projects and fix-up projects around our home, however, my driving force is – I really love a challenge!
As a young child, I was always outside making things with my friends, Oh… boy… did we all get dirty!   Mom would use the water hose to wash the mud off before we could go inside the house.
I hope to bring you some helpful ideas to make your home bright, functional, clean, and a reflection of your style – I would also enjoy learning from you about the types of topics you would like information on or any suggestions for the site.

I must be honest ~ I am NOT doing these projects alone. My special friend and supervisor will be visible in some of the pictures  and featured below doing what he does best – supervising the work!  His name is CAL and our family Lab of 15 years.

Stay well and always be up for the challenge!

Stay tuned more to come at My website: www.love2DIY.net

Don’t be Perfect ~ Just be AWESOME!

This is my Supervisor ~ CAL ~ our Lab of 14 years!

This is my Supervisor ~ CAL ~ our Lab of 15 years!

Project complete

Project complete

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