DIY – How To Make Chalk Paint

What Is Chalk Paint?

Chalk Paint, the product was created by Annie Sloan and is a formula paint designed to go on nearly anything you could ever desire to paint on the inside or outside with no prepping or sanding. Chalk paint covers easily, dries quickly and helps you achieve a beautiful product, and would be perfect for distressing with very little time and effort.

Chalk paint goes on smooth, dries very quickly and is easily sanded to distress your project for that well-worn look.  It is called chalk paint because it covers each piece with a soft, chalky finish, just perfect for creating an exceptional antique look.

The problem is the product it’s a little pricey at $34.95 and up/ quart.  However, the other wonderful thing about chalk paint is that it is also very easy and inexpensive to make yourself. DIY Chalk Paint. Read more »

DIY – Over Ten (10) Mosquitoes Repelling Plants!

Spring time is a favorite time with all its beautiful color in the trees, flowers in bloom, long with the gentle rain showers keeping nature healthy and supporting new growth! But, in the mist of all this beauty and wonder – are those pesky Mosquitoes trying to disrupt our good time.  DIY – Over ten (10) Mosquito Repelling Plants to keep those pesky bugs away!

Look out mosquitoesDIY plants to the rescue!  Yes, plants… start planting seeds or starter plants to keep these pesky bugs…                 Read more »

DIY Weekend Tips to Tackle Order

Many homeowners experience the challenge of order from room to room. DIY the weekend is a great chance to get the house in order, tackling the long list of projects that take a little more time than a weekday evening. After all, the key to improved function, value and comfort at home requires a plan, some elbow grease and a few simple tips to help you do it yourself! Use these projects as inspiration and make your favorite dwelling spaces shine from the inside out. Read more »

DIY – Household Cleaning Tips

Household Cleaning Tips:  How to Clean Glass Shower Doors  

Every so often a cleaning tip will grab my attention and I just have to DIY – give it a try!

My challenge this time was cleaning the soap build-up off the glass shower doors. The tip for cleaning this build-up off the doors stated to use a Bounce dryer sheet or suggested to use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

If you have glass shower doors, you understand the challenge. There are many products that will clean off the build-up, so don’t get me wrong. My challenge was to find something to clean off the build-up and would help to prolong the build-up of soap scum.  Read more »

Energy Saving Ideas For Your Home

Looking to save money on your energy bill?

Here are some great ways to help you out. Electricity is an energy source everyone needs and uses daily! There are many household items that use and depends on electricity. In today’s world it is becoming more important each day to conserve energy and by doing so you will save money. The cost of electricity and household items usage of this energy is a greater need today than in years past.

So, where do we start?

Read more »

How to Re-Cover a Chair Cushion

Easy tips for DIY – how to re-cover a chair cushion. For this project we will need just a few tools; a screwdriver, staple gun and 5/16 staples, pliers, and your new fabric. The first step is to remove the chair cushion from the chair frame. Turn the chair over and you’ll see four screws on the bottom seat of the chair, one in each corner.
Remove these screws or unscrew until the seat cushion is free from the chair. Now you will be ready to look at the chair cushion you have to work with. If the fabric or upholstery covering on the existing seat is in poor condition you may want to remove this material from the chair cushion. If the fabric looks in good condition, some people prefer, to leave the existing fabric in place and re-cover over top of the material. Read more »

How to Make A First-Aid Kit for Your Car

How to make a First-Aid Kit for your car or family vehicle, important items to include in the First-Aid Kit, and additional items to include for travel in bad weather conditions.

A recent trip in winter weather reminded me of how important emergency preparedness is for travel! Having a well-stocked first-aid kit and items needed for server weather is critical for your survival. Of course weather conditions can swing from sweltering heat to extreme cold conditions and it’s important to be prepared for all emergency conditions. What is important is to have the emergency equipment and supplies in the vehicle ready and available to use. Read more »

Stain for wood

How To Stain Wood Projects

How to stain wood, what products to use, and type of sanding paper to use? All good questions and it is important to find the right answers before starting!
When staining a wood project there are many things to consider. You will find lots of articles on the staining process with tips and tricks for the best results. The process is similar, however, there is a framework to the overall approach for staining a wood project.
If you have identified the project and selected the type of wood to use for the project you are on your way to a great start!
As you know, there are many types of woods to choose from. After you have made the wood selection for your project, it is important to find a location with plenty of space, consistent temperature, and good ventilation when using the staining products. Read more »

DIY – Clutter Free in 2015 – Let’s Get Organized!

Happy 2015 to ALL!
Another year has flown by, hard to believe it’s now 2015. I would like to share a short story, while trying to move things around to decorate for the holidays I found Christmas cards from 2013 still on top of one of our tables. Now, I was shocked. Shocked I still had the cards in the same spots and shocked the year had passed by so fast.
I am really embarrassed to share this story and admit to the amount of clutter before my eyes.
How did this clutter happen?
On further examination of clutter in closets, storage, cabinets, and drawers it was easy to identify the root of why we have piles and mounds of clutter. Simply stated, there was nowhere to store, hide, put-away, or stuff clutter anywhere in the house!
When did this clutter happen?
Then I realized we had now lived in our home for 14 years, raising five (5) children, four (4) dogs, and four (4) cats in our happy and lively home. Now, the youngest is in College and the other kids are on their own. We are left with four (4) dogs, one (1) cat, and time to see the clutter all around us.

Help Me Clutter 22 - images_edited


Oh – My! Help me with all this Clutter???
A decision had to be made. Yes – it was declared, this year would be DIY – Clutter Free 2015! 
Time to get organized!!
Looking at all the piles and mounds of clutter before me was overwhelming to say the least. Where and how do I begin to de-clutter our home?
First I had to research and plan to ensure a successful de-clutter mission.
Hard questions had to be answered. Do we throw away items? Do we donate items? Do we sell things or simply give them away?           Read more »

DIY Washing Pillows..

Recently, I read about household allergies and possible causes. We all know the importance of keeping the home clean, free of clutter, pet dander, and dust. Many people who suffer from allergies and asthma, have allergies related to dust, dust mites and mold spores. As you would imagine its a must for frequent, and through cleaning practices in the home. These healthy practices are critical to the health and well-being of adults and children living in the household environment.

The maintenance and replacement schedule of air filters in the heating and cooling unit should be checked monthly and replaced every three months, depending on the type of filter used. It is equally important to change the filters and bags in the vacuum cleaner and dispose of full bags after use.  All of these things are important to reduce the areas for dust mites to hang out ……

DID YOU KNOW??? Read more »

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